Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 8 day 1

The past weeks my brain has been winning the fight.  It doesn't help that Steve wants to stay in bed and it's cooold and wet.

Well this morning has been a good start, Up at 5.00am out onto the treadmill for 5 minutes warmup then 15 minutes on cross trainer then back on the treadmill for 15 minutes of hill intervals.  Then a set of squats and a set of tricep dips this was 357 calories. Very happy with this.

The eating is fine. Porridge for brekkie with milk maca and flaxmeal.

Ken is buying lunch today so I have bought some gluten free bread to have a healthy sanga from the cafe.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Round 2 Day 20

Have missed weigh in for the ladt couple of weeks.  Got in the scales this morning and I weigh 81.9kg managed not to put on any weight while away eating Gluten free was hard there are no gluten free options overseas in Singapore and Thailand. Diet back on track.  Eating clean again.  I really missed my salads while away.

Haven't got back to exercise yet but I will,  if I don't I start to feel a little down. Exercise is a great antidepressants and makes you feel so good.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Round 2 Day 17

Well we arrived home from Bangkok yesterday.
We are exhausted.  We had the best time both shopping and sight seeing.
Well the weight managed to stay the same.  Boy was I tired. Back to exercise tomorrow. Trying to get eating back on track after a week of noodles and too much rice.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Round 2 Day 10

Well here we are in Bangkok.  This is day 1 here. We spent the day shopping. 
Not many good food choices.  Had porridge for breakfast crispy pork snd rice for lunch and Japanese bbq for dinner.  Missing my salad.  Have no idea of calories intake. Walked 28000 steps and climbed 17 floors according to my fitbit.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Round 2 Day 9

Have just got off a plane in Singapore we are now waiting for our connecting flight to Thailand right now we are so far from home.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Round 2 Day 8

Well this is the beginning of the second week. Got on the scales this morning as I won't be able to do official weigh in this week as I will be O/Seas and I don't think Regan has scales in his unit in Bangkok. My weight this morning was 81.9kg very happy with this. Shows that eating clean works as well.

No gym again this morning.  Will go out this afternoon and have a run after all my jobs are done.

Breakfast this morning was my favorite 12wbt breakfast boiled egg with gluten free vegemite toast. Don't know the calorie content of the gluten free bread I'm eating but it can't be much more than other bread.

Lunch was a Weight Watchers meal and dinner was out I had a small roast at the club. 

Tomorrow we fly to Bangkok.  Only my second time out of the country.  We are all packed...


Round 2 Day 7

No gym this morning. Eating well.  Oats with milk and  Flaxmeal for breakfast.  Crunchy Quinoa salad for lunch. Snacks 2 skim caps hsnd ful nuts yoghurt. Getting ready for our holiday.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Round 2 Day 6

Our Routine on a Saturday morning is to go to the Farmers Market,  but as we are going to Thailand on Tues we are eating everything out of the fridge.  Going to Farmers Market means brekkie out so we went out for brekkie  in Lugarno.

This will be counted as my treat meal.  When we go to this Cafe we always have a Spanish Omelet.  We share as it is way too much for one of us to eat.  Steve has the bread that comes with it and I order gluten free bread.
This is such a special treat.

Had a gluten free sanga for lunch really nice.
No snacks today

Friday, May 17, 2013

Round 2 Day 5

Went into robot Mode again this morning.  Up dressed and to gym before I had time to think about it. Burnt 480 calories.

Did Wednesday's Cardio as I missed Wednesday and Thursday.  Doing Thursday toning tomorrow.  Sunday will be Cardio again Monday will he toning.  Tuesday will be spent on a plane to Thailand so I have been trying to be a little organised with the exercise. 

Food for today is quinoa salad for lunch, Oats with milk and Flaxmeal for breakfast.
Snacks will be the usual coffee,  yoghurt and apple.

Sean bought us a toasted Sandwich I ate half then ate my handful of nuts to satisfy hunger.  Ate lunch at 3.00pm, very unusual for me day was so busy.

Tomorrow is another day.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Round 2 Day 4

Haven't made it to the gym this morning.  Sometimes life does get in the way. 
Had brekkie out with my good friend Louise,  stayed as clean as I could eating out. 
Breakfast brushetta on gluten free toast and a poached egg with one large cappuccino and a small cappuccino so that's my coffee intake for today.

I know I drink way to much coffee but I can't give it up just yet.
Have been saying that for the last six rounds maybe I need to just change the type of coffee I drink. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Round 2 Day 3

We haven't been to gym today has been a bit of a rest day. Tomorrow we will be back on track. 

Karina's birthday today, we are on our way to Pymble for dinner who knows what we will get to eat but it's always nice.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Didn't make it to the gym first thing but we went at about 11.00am after we did the brochure delivered.
Did the toned workout but I'm not coordinated to do a bench jump just can't manage it yet.

Food has been good. Much the same as yesterday without the Tim Tams.

This afternoon before I picked up Anastasia I went to Oatley Park and ran my 1 km fitness test I managed 7.47 minutes Wall sit was 3.20 minutes.

Not very happy with 7.47 minutes.  Quite slow.  Better luck in 4 weeks.  Burnt 300 calories happy with that.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Round 2 Day 1

Was up at 4.30am in Robot Mode and out the door by 4.45am. Managed to burn 515 calories haven't done this for a few weeks. 

Did the 12wbt Cardio program for lean and fit,  struggled with the ab workout cause I haven't been doing them for a while will get the condition back. 

Not a big fan of the stationary bike, give me a spin bike any day, but I did the whole 13 minutes.

Food for today is pretty much the same as yesterday.  Quinoa salad with goats feta for lunch, Oats with milk, Maca and Flaxmeal,  large skim cap.

Did ok today till I went to fridge and sitting right in the front was a Tim Tam, now I don't even like Tim Tams but it managed to jump into my hand then into my mouth without thinking I ate it. 
By the time my  brain registered I had eaten 2 oh well can't change that can I?
I did record I had eaten it, and never ate the yoghurt I was reaching for.
That's a small lesson learnt
Dinner is 12wbt chicken soup.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

My 7th round of 12wbt starts tomorrow

Tomorrow my 7th round of 12wbt starts,  I just love this program you might say I'm addicted.

I love the exercise program and getting updates every week.

This round I'm hoping to get my nutrition focus back. I try to eat reasonably clean but the brain sometimes has other ideas.  Bags of chips are my biggest downfall I'm always looking for healthy crunch alternatives.

Today I have eaten 40g rolled oates with milk, tsp Maca, 2 tsp Flaxmeal.  1 large skim cap.  For lunch I have 1 handful baby spinach, tomatoes cucumber goats feta and quinoa, 1/2 an onion some caramelized Balsamic to go on it. The Balsamic helps with the salt intake.
For snacks I have yoghurt and an apple. So far this is looking good. .. right on track, but it is the bits that hurt. No bits today.
This afternoon noon I have had another skim cap, coffee is one of the things I'm not willing to give up yet. 

As it is Mother's Day we are going out for dinner tonight to the local Chinese restaurant,  that's okay will try really hard as I am now gluten free options are getting harder to find when we go out.