Sunday, May 12, 2013

My 7th round of 12wbt starts tomorrow

Tomorrow my 7th round of 12wbt starts,  I just love this program you might say I'm addicted.

I love the exercise program and getting updates every week.

This round I'm hoping to get my nutrition focus back. I try to eat reasonably clean but the brain sometimes has other ideas.  Bags of chips are my biggest downfall I'm always looking for healthy crunch alternatives.

Today I have eaten 40g rolled oates with milk, tsp Maca, 2 tsp Flaxmeal.  1 large skim cap.  For lunch I have 1 handful baby spinach, tomatoes cucumber goats feta and quinoa, 1/2 an onion some caramelized Balsamic to go on it. The Balsamic helps with the salt intake.
For snacks I have yoghurt and an apple. So far this is looking good. .. right on track, but it is the bits that hurt. No bits today.
This afternoon noon I have had another skim cap, coffee is one of the things I'm not willing to give up yet. 

As it is Mother's Day we are going out for dinner tonight to the local Chinese restaurant,  that's okay will try really hard as I am now gluten free options are getting harder to find when we go out.


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