Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Round 4 2012

Well I have joined up to Mish's program for my 5th round.

I have 10 maybe 15 kilos to go, not sure whether I want to get to 65 or 70 kilos.

The last 2 rounds were a bit of a fizzer food wise. I followed the exercise program to the letter but the food I came a bit unstuck on, I think I let my husband sway my food decisions and didn't flex my willpower muscle enough. this round I seem to have the determination back that I had in round 3 2011 when I started, but this seems to be me, I can do it and get rid of 20 kilos then It's like my brain needs a rest for 6 months to get used to that idea and I can go again.

Well here I go again....

I have had a good first week even though I had 2 red flag days in a row. I went out and met the girls from the SWSYC on Friday night (this was great by the way) and then on Saturday night we had a family engagement party. I came through both of these pretty unscathed.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and in the past 2 rounds Tuesday has been a food nightmare for me. Today I'm keeping on track so we will see what weigh in brings tomorrow. I put on 1.6kg last weigh in so hopefully I'm back on track.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Commitment to Round 2 2012

Below is my Commitment to Round 2 2012

It has taken me a bit of time to think about what I will write.

I am committed to losing 15 kgs in Round 2 2012.

I am committed to getting my nutrition back on track as I have been slipping for the last few weeks.

I am committed to exercise 6 days per week to help me achieve this.

There I have made it public so now I have to make it so.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day classic, done and dusted. Done it in 42 minutes. I was really happy with that, if I hadn't had to stop for a toilet break I would have got it under 40 minutes.
Today at the gym I did my first "Fat Burn" class great class worked really hard and felt fantastic at the end. I managed to burn 550 Calories. On Wednesday I'm planning on doing a "Pump Class" before work, this will be my first one also, I've been told it's a great class.

I've done all my preseason tasks to date. Have been listening to all the podcasts from last round over and over again. Trying to get the motivation built up before next round starts in June.


Friday, May 11, 2012

The post below is from yesterday...

Have been at the gym today, Running in the "Mothers Day Classic" on Sunday. This will be my first ever fun run 4 km is what I'm doing, have my number and I'm ready to attempt this and give it my best shot.
Yesterday was a shocking food day, I'm really struggling with my positive food mindset, managed not to go over in calories, but it wasn't very clean eating.

Will be more accountable today and write every morsel down I put in my mouth.

Have a great day

Round 2 2012

Well I'm back for round 2 2012, this will be my 3rd round. I have lost 20kg since the beginning of round 3 2011, I'm very happy with this progress but I would like to be rid of the last pesky 15 kg by the end of this round.

I'm hoping blogging here reguraly will keep me honest and on track. I have just completed preseason task 1 and 2, my goals are set. I will lose the last 15 kg this round.

How will I do this?  Well I'm going to follow the plan to the letter, perfect nutrition all the way. This round I will follow Mich's exercise program to the letter 6 days a week.

I have joined a gym this round and I'm really enjoying it, although I do love getting outside for a run-


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well I'm finally back at my blog.

Life has been hectic and if I don't take these moments to blog then I will never do it.

I have signed up for Round 1 2012 of the 12wbt, and things are going great. my goal for this round is lose 15 kg. I've already lost 1.1kg so this is great.

What I love is being able to go into any shop and try on clothes, even if I don't buy them it is fun trying sizes on.  This round I'm going to make size 14. I can't tell you the last time I was a size 14, more than likely 30 years ago.

I have taken a new before shot for this round but I'm not sure if I want to put it here yet. I bought a bikini for the photo shoot, so this is stepping way out of my comfort zone, I will think about it and see.

Well I had better go and start my day, starting a new job today, not quite nervous yet but I have to get to the Farmer's Market first, then I will go on my first train trip to get to work that I've done since 1992 when I left the work force to work for myself.