Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Round 4 2012

Well I have joined up to Mish's program for my 5th round.

I have 10 maybe 15 kilos to go, not sure whether I want to get to 65 or 70 kilos.

The last 2 rounds were a bit of a fizzer food wise. I followed the exercise program to the letter but the food I came a bit unstuck on, I think I let my husband sway my food decisions and didn't flex my willpower muscle enough. this round I seem to have the determination back that I had in round 3 2011 when I started, but this seems to be me, I can do it and get rid of 20 kilos then It's like my brain needs a rest for 6 months to get used to that idea and I can go again.

Well here I go again....

I have had a good first week even though I had 2 red flag days in a row. I went out and met the girls from the SWSYC on Friday night (this was great by the way) and then on Saturday night we had a family engagement party. I came through both of these pretty unscathed.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and in the past 2 rounds Tuesday has been a food nightmare for me. Today I'm keeping on track so we will see what weigh in brings tomorrow. I put on 1.6kg last weigh in so hopefully I'm back on track.