Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well I'm finally back at my blog.

Life has been hectic and if I don't take these moments to blog then I will never do it.

I have signed up for Round 1 2012 of the 12wbt, and things are going great. my goal for this round is lose 15 kg. I've already lost 1.1kg so this is great.

What I love is being able to go into any shop and try on clothes, even if I don't buy them it is fun trying sizes on.  This round I'm going to make size 14. I can't tell you the last time I was a size 14, more than likely 30 years ago.

I have taken a new before shot for this round but I'm not sure if I want to put it here yet. I bought a bikini for the photo shoot, so this is stepping way out of my comfort zone, I will think about it and see.

Well I had better go and start my day, starting a new job today, not quite nervous yet but I have to get to the Farmer's Market first, then I will go on my first train trip to get to work that I've done since 1992 when I left the work force to work for myself.


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