Friday, May 17, 2013

Round 2 Day 5

Went into robot Mode again this morning.  Up dressed and to gym before I had time to think about it. Burnt 480 calories.

Did Wednesday's Cardio as I missed Wednesday and Thursday.  Doing Thursday toning tomorrow.  Sunday will be Cardio again Monday will he toning.  Tuesday will be spent on a plane to Thailand so I have been trying to be a little organised with the exercise. 

Food for today is quinoa salad for lunch, Oats with milk and Flaxmeal for breakfast.
Snacks will be the usual coffee,  yoghurt and apple.

Sean bought us a toasted Sandwich I ate half then ate my handful of nuts to satisfy hunger.  Ate lunch at 3.00pm, very unusual for me day was so busy.

Tomorrow is another day.


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