Monday, May 13, 2013

Round 2 Day 1

Was up at 4.30am in Robot Mode and out the door by 4.45am. Managed to burn 515 calories haven't done this for a few weeks. 

Did the 12wbt Cardio program for lean and fit,  struggled with the ab workout cause I haven't been doing them for a while will get the condition back. 

Not a big fan of the stationary bike, give me a spin bike any day, but I did the whole 13 minutes.

Food for today is pretty much the same as yesterday.  Quinoa salad with goats feta for lunch, Oats with milk, Maca and Flaxmeal,  large skim cap.

Did ok today till I went to fridge and sitting right in the front was a Tim Tam, now I don't even like Tim Tams but it managed to jump into my hand then into my mouth without thinking I ate it. 
By the time my  brain registered I had eaten 2 oh well can't change that can I?
I did record I had eaten it, and never ate the yoghurt I was reaching for.
That's a small lesson learnt
Dinner is 12wbt chicken soup.


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