Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today was a good workout, up at 5.30am and out the door by 6.45am we walked 6.41km, even tackled Valley Rd. This is a huge hill and I got all the way to the top with out stopping HR got to 153 and boy could I hear the heart pounding in my ears. But you know what, I will be doing that again, because it felt real good to get to the top.

Here is a photo of my HR monitor  to show Cals burnt. Still can't get to 500.

This is what happens to your smart phone when you throw it at your husband when you are cranky with him for not concentrating on the timing of your time trial.

No not really, I dropped it on the ground face down on concrete 5 minutes after completing the time trial in 8.44 minutes. have been told it is cheaper to buy a new one that have it repaired. good thing it still works, just a bit more decorated on the front screen. But I was cranky with him for not concentrating on the timing though.


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  1. Yay for climbing to the top - great calorie burn!