Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ok, I have been a bit quite. Just a little busy with exercise, and cooking. Aren't the meals fantastic? I loved the Prawn Pad Thai, it was so yummy, we will be having that again. the other dish I've cooked a few times is Cajun Chicken, this is a bif favourite in my house. I think we had it 3 times last week. Looking forward to Laksa tonight.

The exercise is still going well, I'm not having any trouble getting up at 5.30am. Next week might be a little different as Daylight saving starting on Sunday, and 5.30am being so dark.
Tomorrow we have an appointment at Revesby Workers to join the gym. I will then be able to go there when it is too dark in the morning until it lightens up again.

Week 2 weigh-in I lost 1.5kg. was very happy with this. Have lost 6.5kg since the beginning of pre-season. Tomorrow is weigh in day again an I'm hoping for another 1.5kg.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Hi Tracie

    You are doing so well - keeeeep going! I think walking is the best exercise you can do -fresh air and elevated heart rate. I also have weak knees so I use elastic knee braces to give good support. The difference is amazing - you will feel like you can walk faster and further because of the strength they give. Good chemists should stock them or go on-line - mine are similar to these:-


    I am about to start attending a weekly seminar about weight loss. Several guest speakers have been lined up to motivate our group. We will have a body assessment done too.

    Also, later in October, a woman is starting a local Weight Watchers group (but not actually WW). I think you need that group weigh-in to be accountable for your losses and gains. I will be first inline for that meeting. I am now at my heaviest and having just come back from a 2 week wonderful holiday to Darwin & Broome, I stacked on about 2 kgs there!

    Good luck with it all, I will pop in to see how you are doing,

    Cheers - Joolz