Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well it looks like I'm going to be a once a week updater. Since daylight saving started I have been having a hard time getting up to exercise in the morning. It is just so dark at 5.00am. This morning though I got Steve up so he could come with me. I only had .5 hour but I managed to burn 250 cals, this is better than nothing. I had to start work at 7.15am looking after the kids I used to nanny and I'm not finishing till 7.15pm. Very long day but I love being with these kids they are such sweeties. Diet has been going really well till we made choc chip cookies today as an activity. I only had one though, they just smelt soooo good. I will count the calories as a snack maybe even my two snacks for the day. I haven't looked at how many calories in one cookie.

I'm really loving the food on the menu it is so nice and yummy, not like diet food at all. Tomorrow I'm going to do my time trial again. I will be really interested to see how I go. I can run so much further than I could ever run before.. Back tomorrow after the time trial and fitness test.


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  1. I was up and out walking at 6am this morning. I really enjoyed it. I think I walked for 35 minutes but covered a fair bit of ground in that time. My poor leg muscles - they were a bit tired when I got back. I love walking along looking at all the flowers and things in peoples gardens and to see if people are awake yet. Yeah, I am nosey!