Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The thing I have real trouble doing is exercise. I think this comes from all the years I have been overweight and having no motivation.

This morning I downloaded a sports tracker app for my phone, wow what a great tool to use, now I just didn't download it, I downloaded and then used it. I went for a walk for 39 minutes and covered 3kms at an average walking speed of 4.6km/h isn't that just the coolest little thing? Now I have to keep doing better and bettering(is this a word) my pace so the same figures don't show up again and I keep getting better.

The other cute little and very functional app I downloaded was a calorie counter app. "My Net Diary", with this little app you can keep track of your calorie intake for the day, it will even keep track of the calories eaten and the calories used, doesn't this keep you honest.

I will write here over the coming weeks about how they are both going.

Have a great day...


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