Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost forgot to post today.

Well today I walked to Revesby to do my shopping, 4 kms at 5.1 kph, pretty good huh, I'm sure this is going to get alot better as the weeks go on, this walk helped me burn 370 calories, I know from reading the Forum that Michelle expects 500 cals to be burnt per day, so if I build up to this over the next few weeks this will make my life easier. I now have shin splints to contend with and no this isn't an excuse, I will be out there tomorrow working up to 400 cals.

The two apps I downloaded for my phone are fantastic. The "My Net Diary" is a great way of keeping track of calories eaten and burnt this helps keep me honest and I can see what I've eaten, it also makes me think before I eat which is great also.

Chewing gum has been a god send too. I think I will own a chewing gum company by the end of this 12 weeks.

I also managed to up my water intake today as well, this will help with the weight loss and keep me better hydrated as well, it's hard to think about drinking water in winter when it's not hot.

My Best Friend Kelly has also joined me on this journey, even though we won't be able to do much training together we will be able to support each other.

Have done the 2nd pre season task, will go back and watch the video again too see if I can come up with any more excuses...


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