Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First I'm going to start off my blogging with what I've been doing for the last few days.

Saturday - Went to a crochet class in the city, then I walked home from the station 2.68 km I also got out of the train at St James Station and walked down Market St to York St where my class was, this was .58km I walked at a pretty brisk pace, I walked back as well another .58km, this added 1km onto my total for the day. this is way more than I would have done in the past.

Sunday - no workout today, as I usually work on Sundays I decided to spend the day with my husband, we went to the markets and done all the stuff we don't usually get to do on weekends.

Monday - Got up at 5.45am and walked 5.81km this took an hour and burned 450 cal.

This morning I got up at 5.45am and walked 6.76km this took 1hr and 13 mins, when I start back to work on Thursday I will have to get up at 5.30am to get my walk finished by 7.00am. this needs to include stretching as without stretching I wouldn't be able to walk at all. I have managed to keep the shin splints at bay with a lot of calf stretching etc.

Now I know we are up to preseason task 3 Goal setting.

Now I'm not real good at this, but I am getting out of my comfort zone and I'm in the middle of writing my goals. Now the easy one is I want to lose 35kg, but in how long I just don't know, by yesterday would be good, but I know that isn't going to happen.

So my 12 Month Goal is to lose 35kg.
This would put me back to the same weight I was when I got married and I haven't seen that weight in 28 years.
I would also love to do a long distance cycling trip maybe 500km.
I have no ambition to run a Marathon, I think that is crazy, but then again I have never been fit enough to run a marathon, so who knows.

I love to cycle though, so to be fit enough to go for a lovely ride would be high on my goal list.

My 6 month goal is to lose 30kg

How will I get there?
By continuing the fitness regime I started and built up.
Count calories and only eat nutrient rich low calorie food.

My 3 month Goal is to lose 20kgs, now if it turns out that half way in I'm not going to make this as I've been a little ambitious, I will adjust this goal accordingly.
To do this I'm going to follow the 12WBT.

My 1 month goal is to lose 6.7kgs. Learn to run and run 3k without stopping or cycle 5km without stopping.

How will I do this? I will count the calories of everything I put in my mouth and build up my workout regime to include running and cycling.

Wow this is long winded. I have  been writing it on and off all day.


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  1. Good onya, Tracie! With all the spring weather we have been having, I have been eating healthy starting this week. No preservatives or packaged food. Day 4 and I have'nt had a problem. I do need to get out and walk again (I walked with a lady for 3 years, every morning at 6am - 5kms - but we had a disagreement one day and that finished that!). Keep blogging about your days - it is inspiring!

    Cheers - Joolz