Friday, August 26, 2011

1 Kilo Lost

1 Kilo is gone forever, Wednesday was weigh in day and it is gone. It's is good to be in double figures again.

6.00am Wednesday Morning - trying to capture fog 
Wednesday I did 2 workouts, this was because I went out for a Chinese lunch with my Mother in law. In the morning I got up and walked 6.13 km in 63 minutes at 5.3 kph this burnt 511 calories, then after lunch I walked home from the restaurant this was another 2.68 km in 30 minutes, this helped burn off some of the excess calories eaten at lunch. I ate very little rice and tried to stick to steamed food but a couple of pieces of combination seafood was too hard to resist. For dinner a light chicken salad was in order...

Thursday I started the day at 5.45am  with a 5.17 km walk in 58 minutes. at 5.3 kph. Thursday was my first day back at work after a 2 week holiday, I didn't have to start till 1.00pm, did some shopping then came home and made Steve and I a nice chicken wrap and a chicken salad to go into the fridge for dinner, as well as the chicken salad I also had some strawberries, passionfruit and yogurt. This was yum.

View of Georges River from Bush while walking
On Thursday the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor I bought on line arrived in the mail, along with the New Balance shoes I managed to find on ebay for $41.00 Brand New in Box. I wear New Balance shoes all the time so buying them on ebay wasn't a problem.

This morning I had a late start with the walking. my right knee is giving me a bit of a niggle so I put a knee support on and off I went. Today I did 6.36 km in 67 minutes. Today I amped it up just a little by doing a little running between the occasional telegraph pole to get the heart rate up a little bit more. I feel really good still have the support on my knee, but I will just be aware of how it's feeling. This has been a lot of work for my knees over the last week and a half, but they will get used to it.

Starting work at 1.00pm again today so I'm going to make mixed vegetable and Tofu stirfry for lunch and take a chicken salad for dinner to work. Steve won't be too happy with the Tofu but he will get over it.


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