Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well the 12 Week Body Transformation is over for round three 2011. I will be joining up again for Round 1 2012 as it was the best thing I have ever done. I've lost 10.2 kg this round 14.4 kg since the beginning of pre season. I've also lost 46 cm in total. the biggest lose was off my waist. I don't feel I need to change anything I just need to continue on down to 65 kg. My next short term goal is 80 kg by my birthday on the 13th January and then after that round one 2012 starts on the 16th January, well preseason anyway. I will try to get back here in the next month and write an update.

Have a great christmas make sure you eat clean and keep the exercise up....

See you next round

Before September 2011
After December 2011



  1. Tracie, you have done amazingly well! Keep it up and don't let Christmas get in your way!

    Not sure if you remember Munnilita who was on Biggest Loser about 4 years ago. She is a local Mount Gambier girl and she came and spoke to our fitness group last night. She is currently training hard to get to 68kgs (3kgs to go) and looks fantastic (it helps that she is a hairdresser and beautician!). She was very inspiring and we all got some good tips to follow.
    Well done you!

    I had a .900gm loss this week at our Weight Watchers meeting (just home now) and thats a total of 3.2kg in 6 weeks so I am really happy with that.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Thanks for posting these Tracie - found them in one of the forums. It is so inspiring for beginners like me. Keep it up...

  3. Wow 40 something cms is such a great achievement! I'm starting my first 12wbt and can't wait to be transformed :)

    I'm also keeping a blog